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Stay in the game with the PLYR app and never miss another at bat, home run, debut, or moment in history from the players you're following, collecting, betting on, or rostered.

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Add your favorite players, fantasy team, collectibles, daily prop bets

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Get Notified

The players on your PLYR roster will trigger a unique notification to your phone when they are at bat and ready to hit. (Don't worry you can mute and unmute both players and your entire roster if you'd like)

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Watch Live*

One click from the notification and you are in the game, and in the moment

*must be a subscriber to MLB.TV or wherever the game is broadcast to use this feature

Meet our fans

Pull a good card, now scout that player in real-time to follow your investment.
Agents, managers, and scouts
No more pulling from multiple applications to solve for watching your players, and only your players, live.
Fantasy players
You have a team that is unique to one league or another. API in your team, one click to update, and track the real-time gameplay when your players are up.
Prop bettors
Have money on a moment? Make sure you don’t miss the action while your money is riding on it.
Fan of the best in baseball and just want to catch the best players in the game across league and team
Friends and Family
Wherever you might be, you can follow and watch your loved one or national hero wherever they might be playing

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